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Crosby Coffee Beans - HONDURAS COPAN (250g)

Crosby Coffee Beans - HONDURAS COPAN (250g)


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Get a taste of the coffee we have brewing in the brick-and-mortar bookshop! Copan is the cup of joe powering the Dead Ink team.

Honduras Copan is one of our single origin coffees. It's full of nutty and cider-like flavours that make one good cup of coffee.

This traditional lot from Honduras is sourced from Cohmasa and produced by a group of smallholders in Copan situated in the West of Honduras close to the Guatemalan border. 

Through their sustainability programmes they are supporting farmers to become more resilient to issues such as pests, diseases and climate change as well as improving overall yields and quality.

Tasting Notes: Roasted Nuts, Apple Cider


Process: Washed 

Body: 4

Acidity: 2

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