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'Lost In The Garden' Book Launch with Author Adam S. Leslie

'Lost In The Garden' Book Launch with Author Adam S. Leslie


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Lost In The Garden is an unforgettable new novel from Dead Ink.

‘Like an old wives’ tale, like a piece of wisdom passed down through generations which no one questioned or even thought about too hard. Like folklore. It was just something everyone knew, a rule to be followed. 

Don’t go to Almanby.’ 

Lost In The Garden follows three characters pursuing love and mysteries into the idyllic yet perilous English countryside, where nature thrives and Summer never ends. As strange voices fizz over shortwave radio, it becomes harder to tell friend from foe - this is a creepy, dreamlike and unsettling novel, a must-read for fans of The Wicker Man and Annihilation.

Author Adam S. Leslie joins us on the eve of the book's release, in conversation with Jonathan Thornton, to discuss his career, influences and what awaits the reader who becomes Lost in the Garden.

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