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Spiracle Audiobook: The Birthday Party — Laurent Mauvignier

Spiracle Audiobook: The Birthday Party — Laurent Mauvignier

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“Told in rhythmic, propulsive prose that weaves seamlessly from one consciousness to the next over the course of a day. Lydia Leonard, in this exceptional reading, situates herself among the characters and observes every detail, every gesture as though on our behalf.” – Leigh Wilson

Buried deep in rural France, in the few remains of an isolated hamlet, is a curiously assembled quartet: Patrice Bergogne, inheritor of his family’s farm; his wife, Marion; their daughter, Ida; and their neighbour, Christine, an artist. While Patrice plans a surprise for his wife’s fortieth birthday, inexplicable events start to disrupt the hamlet’s quiet existence: anonymous, menacing letters, an unfamiliar car rolling up the driveway. And as night falls, strangers stalk the houses, unleashing a nightmarish chain of events.

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