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Bud — Laura Hambleton

Bud — Laura Hambleton

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This bright, fun and friendly non-fiction picture book about what happens when one plant grows (up) is a gentle introduction to plant life cycles for readers 3+.

Meet Bud, a TINY rosebud on a BIG adventure. Sitting in a cosy greenhouse, in an even cosier red pot is Bud.

Every day, Bud is warmed by Sun and told stories about the BIg Outside by Moon. Bud is happy and content until ... POP! Bud is planted beside looming trees and wiggly worms.

The Big Outside is SCARY - but new adventures can be, and there's no bigger adventure than growing up. A reassuring growing-up story with facts about plants, this adorable book will inspire green fingers in little ones while preparing them for their own growing-up journey.

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