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Cahokia Jazz — Francis Spufford

Cahokia Jazz — Francis Spufford

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A thrilling tale of murder and mystery in a city where history has run a little differently -- from the best-selling author of Golden Hill.

'Utterly immersive.' - Spectator

'Thrilling.' - Financial Times

'Unlike anything else you will read this year.' - Daily Express

'A classic of alternative history.' - Observer

It's 1922 and Americans are drinking in speakeasies, dancing to jazz, stepping quickly to the tempo of modern times. In the ancient city of Cahokia - a teeming industrial metropolis, a tinderbox of every race and creed - peace holds.

Just about. But on a snowy night at the end of winter, two roughshod detectives are called to the roof of a skyscraper. Their investigation will spill the city's secrets and bring it, against a soundtrack of wailing clarinets, either to destruction or rebirth.

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