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Centroeuropa — Vicente Luis Mora

Centroeuropa — Vicente Luis Mora


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'Our lives do not start entirely with our births.'Prussia, the early 19th century. As he attempts to bury his recently deceased wife, Redo Hauptshammer uncovers the frozen body of a uniformed soldier. As he continues to dig, the bodies start to pile up - all of them fallen cavalrymen bearing the secrets of an earlier era.

For readers of W. G. Sebald and Agustin Fernandez Mallo, this archaeological novel digs into Europe's soil, uncovering a long history of violence and expropriation.

Mora's writing is audacious, melancholy, and formally experimental. Each chapter is longer than the one that precedes it - as the bodies proliferate, the story keeps getting more complicated. In a bold yet lyrical translation by Rahul Bery, Centroeuropa introduces English-speaking readers to one of Europe's pre-eminent experimental prose writers currently at work.
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