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Getting Started with Dead Ink

Getting Started with Dead Ink


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Want to get started with the best publisher in the world? 

Of course you do. Here's a a bumper bundle to get you started. Six of our books. A nice bit of variety to them all too. We've got a Midwestern Noir, a 70's Folk Horror, a New Mexico based slice of literary fiction, an eco-dystopia, a family feud, and whatever The Doloriad is. 

We promise that they will look lovely on your shelves and show off just how cultured and cool you. 


Bundle Includes:
Water Shall Refuse Them — Lucie McKnight Hardy
Small Rivers — Harry Gallon
Summer Fun — Jeanne Thornton
The Doloriad — Missouri Williams
Sealed — Naomi Booth
Whiteout Conditions — Tariq Shah
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