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Malarkoi — Alex Pheby

Malarkoi — Alex Pheby


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Now in paperback - the middle chapter of Alex Pheby's expansive Cities of the Weft trilogy!

Nathan's companions are scattered, making for Malarkoi, the city of the Mistress, the Master's enemy. They are hoping to find welcome there, or at least safety. They find neither - and instead become embroiled in a life and death struggle against assassins, demi-gods, and the cunning plans of the Mistress.
Only Sirius, Nathan's faithful magical dog, has not forgotten the boy, and, bent on revenge, he returns to the shattered remains of Mordew. He senses something in the Manse at its pinnacle - the Master is there, grieving the loss of his manservant, Bellows - and in the ruins of the slums he finds a power capable of destroying his foe, if only he has the strength to use it.
So the stage is set for battle, sacrifice, magic and treachery in the stunning sequel to Mordew... Welcome to Malarkoi.

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