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Night-Gaunts: and Other Tales of Suspense — Joyce Carol Oates

Night-Gaunts: and Other Tales of Suspense — Joyce Carol Oates


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From Joyce Carol Oates, literary icon and author of Blonde, now a major motion picture, six feverishly unsettling tales of suspense.

A woman sits naked except for her high-heeled shoes, in an apartment she cannot afford, as her married lover rushes, amorously, murderously, to her door.

An ageing, jealous wife crafts an unusual game of Russian roulette involving a pair of Wedgwood teacups, a strong Bengal brew, and a lethal concoction.

A former Sunday School teacher's corpse turns up and the blighted adolescent she had by turns petted and ridiculed confesses to her murder - but is he really responsible?

In a fantastic ode to H.P. Lovecraft, a young outsider is haunted by apparitions at the very edge of the spectrum of visibility after the death of his tortured father.

Revelling in the uncanny, this taut collection stands at the crossroads of sex, violence, and longing - challenging us to interrogate the intersection of these impulses within ourselves.

Reviews for Joyce Carol Oates:

'A writer of extraordinary strengths.' 
'Oates chillingly depicts the darkness lurking within the everyday.' 
Sunday Express
'Both haunting and sublime.' 
Literary Review
'Splendidly chilling.' 
Financial Times
'Visceral, psychologically involving, and socially astute.' 
'Few writers better illuminate the mind's most disturbing corners.' 
Seattle Times
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