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Notice — Heather Lewis

Notice — Heather Lewis

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Her name is not Nina, but that's the name she uses sometimes. At her local bar, in the carpark with her tricks, when she needs to score. She doesn't really need the money.

But it lays bare the truth of each loveless transaction. Still living at home, each chance encounter is a route to escape the tedium of her sheltered, suburban existence. One day a man takes her home to meet his beautiful, unhappy wife, Ingrid.

She knows she should leave, but instead becomes drawn ever deeper into their games, her suspicions of the terrible secrets they keep mounting with each visit. Caught in a web of fear, intrigue and desire, she will end up in more trouble than she ever bargained for. Told with perfect restraint and the iciest detachment, Notice is the sickeningly addictive story of a woman on the edge, who does not know how much further yet she could fall.

A stark, relentless exploration of power and pursuit, this provocative cult classic will lead you on an unforgettable journey into pitch darkness.
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