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Penelope Snoop: Super Sleuth — Pamela Butchart

Penelope Snoop: Super Sleuth — Pamela Butchart

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Penelope Snoop is BACK and she has a new case to solve...

Her super-special shiny seashell has VANISHED!

With her trusty sidekick, Carlos the dog, Penelope sets out to uncover the mystery – and begins a search for the shiny shell which will take them to the depths of the ocean and back again!

Penelope Snoop is absolutely the BEST Finder-Outer-in-the-Whole-Wide-World – but will she be able to crack the case?

Hilarious, original and fabulously illustrated, this is an irresistible picture book from the bestselling, award-winning Pamela Butchart.

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