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Press Start - Thomas Flintham

Press Start - Thomas Flintham


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For 7+ kids who love video games but aren't allowed to play as often as they'd like...

Sunny's favourite game is Super Rabbit Boy and he loves to pit his skills against King Viking who hates fun and happiness and wants to steal Singing Dog and bring sadness to Animal Town FOR EVER!

Can Sunny help Super Rabbit Boy get to Level 6 and rescue Singing Dog and restore joy to Animal Town? Only if he defeats the Robot Army, dodges the Robo-Crabs and Lakes of Lava before battling King Viking himself!

Has Sunny got the skills? Has Super Rabbit Boy eaten enough super magical carrots (SPOILER: origin story)? You'll have to read and find out...

The first in a full-colour series of graphic novels about - and for - kids who love gaming! Join Sunny as he and Super Rabbit Boy take on the world, one move at a time!

“Press Start! Game On, Super Rabbit Boy! by Thomas Flintham is a gaming-inspired graphic novel which encourages young readers to eat healthily. When Super Rabbit Boy eats a carrot, he becomes strong and fast enough to track down a villain who is terrorising his friends. The graphics are fun and will be familiar to anyone who has played a computer game.” - Emma Dunn and Helen Symington, The Scotsman’s Easter roundup

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