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Shoulder to Shoulder: A Queer History of Solidarity, Coalition & Chaos — Jake Hall

Shoulder to Shoulder: A Queer History of Solidarity, Coalition & Chaos — Jake Hall


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This is a love letter to the pioneers of solidarity and coalition. It's a new global look at those bold moments where marginalised voices came together to say 'enough is enough'. It's the story of those who sacrificed individual gains to fight for collective freedom.

'Incredibly useful in our current times. Enticing and nuanced.' TRAVIS ALABANZA
'Full of incredible detail, I learned so much about the history of the fight against oppression. A revelation and an important book to read in today's world.' JILL NALDER
'An inspirational and much-needed examination of the power of solidarity. A great read.' DIPO FALOYIN
'An antidote to despair, Shoulder to Shoulder reminds us of the battles that came before, of their interconnection and their heart. A joy to read.' FRANKIE MIREN
'A profoundly beautiful, humanising and necessary road map to freedom.' DAN GLASS
Through astounding research and fascinating storytelling, Shoulder to Shoulder, transports us through time and into the world of these trailblazers, bringing their tales to life and exploring both the inexplicable joys and brutal realities of their fights for justice. Spanning movements from the Black Panthers coalition with the Gay Liberation Front in the US to the Pride support for miners strikes in the UK, Shoulder to Shoulder shows how marginalised activists have always been intertwined in their pursuit of joint liberation.

A beautiful celebration of our often chaotic, and always messy, human history and those incredible, ordinary people who pushed for equality no matter the cost. Shoulder to Shoulder is for anyone who loved Bad Gays, Natives or Poverty Safari and is hungry for a fresh perspective on our shared human history.
'Shoulder to Shoulder makes me hopeful for the future.' ANNA SULAN MASING


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