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Spiracle Audiobook: Sulaiman Addonia — The Seers

Spiracle Audiobook: Sulaiman Addonia — The Seers

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"It is a hymn to human love and hope; it is a shout of rage against hatred and violence." - Leigh Wilson

The Seers follows the first weeks of a homeless Eritrean refugee in London. Set around a foster home in Kilburn and in the squares of Bloomsbury, where its protagonist Hannah sleeps, the novel grapples with how agency is given to the sexual lives of refugees, insisting that the erotic and intimate side of life is as much a part of someone’s story as ‘land and nations’ are. It is an incredible work of storytelling and world building. It is complex and touching; it defamiliarizes London and makes it familiar again, but from the position of those marginalised by prejudice and fear.

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