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Sugar, Baby — Celine Saintclaire

Sugar, Baby — Celine Saintclaire


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'The perfect beach read: chaotic, darkly funny and keeps you on your toes' - Liv Little for Elle UK
'A bold, daring take on the wild, unconventional world of sugar babies' Harper's BazaarAS SEEN IN... -ELLE: Hottest summer reads of 2023
From the high-rises of Canary Wharf to the turquoise pools of Miami, Sugar, Baby is an intoxicating, darkly funny and shocking debut from an extraordinary new voice in fiction.
Agnes Green is turning 21 and her life is heading nowhere.

Still living at home with her devoutly religious Caribbean mother in a lifeless suburb, she works as a cleaner by day and spends her nights secretly going to clubs and dating Toby - who loves arthouse film, getting stoned, and ignoring her texts. That is until she meets Emily, the daughter of one of her cleaning clients, who lives in London and works as a model - and a sugar baby. Emily's lifestyle is the escape Agnes has been longing for: tasting menus, private flights to Paris and Miami, rich older men who shower her with compliments and designer gifts.

Agnes' new life is beyond her wildest dreams, but it comes at a cost. As she begins to stray further from her mother's holy teachings, she must decide how far she is willing to go to be adored

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