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The Cook of Castamar — Fernando J. Múñez

The Cook of Castamar — Fernando J. Múñez


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The Duke of Castamar was once a noble figure who played a crucial role in his family's royal council. But ever since his wife's tragic death, he's been living in mourning, forgoing his noble duties.

Clara, born into gentility but hard-up since the death of her beloved father, has taken to solitude in her grief, rarely leaving the confines of her beloved kitchen. But she must find a way to make a living, which is how she finds herself travelling to the Duke's great home to work in the kitchen...

Clara attempts to hide her secret skills, but when she's greeted by the chaos of the Castamar kitchens, she cannot resist performing a makeover - much to the disdain of formidable housekeeper Ursula.

And when the Duke learns of Clara's talents, he soon finds himself falling for her. Meanwhile, there are people masquerading as his friends who threaten to bring him down... In a world of royal duties, sordid affairs and complicated politics, will there be chance for the unlikely romance to blossom?
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