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The Zen of Climbing - Francis Sanzaro

The Zen of Climbing - Francis Sanzaro

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What do Zen masters, sixteenth-century Samurai, and the world's elite climbers have in common? 

They have perfected the art of awareness, of poise amidst chaos. Climbing is a sport of perception, and our level of attainment is a matter of mind as much as body. Written by philosopher, essayist, and lifelong climber Francis Sanzaro, The Zen of Climbing explores the fundamentals of successful climbing, delving into psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and Taoism.

Awareness, Sanzaro argues, is the alchemy of climbing, allowing us to merge mental and physical attributes in one embodied whole. This compact volume, by the author of the classic The Boulder: A Philosophy of Bouldering, puts the climber's mind at the forefront of practice.

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