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Water Street — JP Maxwell

Water Street — JP Maxwell


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Liverpool 1863.

The American Civil War comes to the British Empire's second city and the world's richest port.

Confederate Commander Banastre X. Dunwoody has a plan to turn the conflict by securing advanced warships, but the U.S. Government is one step ahead of him. It seeks to sabotage his efforts through its covert agent - Harriet Dunwoody - Banastre's pregnant wife.

Alongside her undercover partner Conté, Harriet discovers that Banastre has plans to do more than building ships; he has a scheme that could very well draw Britain into the war.

As Gettysburg looms an ocean away, there's another battle to be won and lost. The fate of the USA and the City of Liverpool rests upon it.


A brilliant story - David Morrissey

A gripping adventure, beautifully written - Jeff Young (Costa Award nominee)

A strapping ride through history - Caroline Smailes

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